“Many have asked what and how we are doing in terms of business—as of today. 

What can we still do though? A lot actually. .”

Together, we are still fully capable of ideation, writing, scripting, directing, shooting (at our studio) and editing. All safe and virus-free. Here are a few options that might be useful for you to continue communicating with your audience through video:

1. We can take your existing footage and re-edit it to make something new. We can add new text, change the storyline, change the promotion. So many possibilities!

2. We can shoot new videos in our studio—just send us your product and we can ideate together by zoom and then style, shoot and edit new video in our unique ‘home’ studio environment.

3. We can make ‘hybrid content’ with a combination of your existing footage and sourced stock video. We can also combine those elements with new video we shoot in-house. 

Is it still possible to create new video content today? Absolutely.

We’ve actually been here before. It’s important for us to stay calm and focused and to learn from our past. What we’ve learned is that surviving times of crisis usually call for these ten actionable qualities:


1. Movement

2. Innovation

3. Ideation

4. Pivoting

5. Adaptation

6. Resourcefulness

7. Grit

8. Tenacity

9. Faith

10. Love

It is our hope and goal to stay the course and keep moving forward. To keep thinking about how we can best serve our customers, current and new, in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our job right now is to meet the ‘new normal’ head on and simply figure it out. 

We can do this together!

AIVIL is a video content studio specializing in storytelling for brands. If you’d like to work with us, please email us